They are cabinetmakers, jewelers, cutlers, textile designers, gilders, metalworkers. They are also artistic directors, designers of furniture and connected objects, creators of content for 3D printers, TPEs of interior design. They represent more than 110 know-how at the crossroads of craftsmanship, design and digital technology. They are all attached to manufacturing in France. They are convinced that a lot of positive things are born from the synergy of skills. They are the 350 residents who launched their activity in a shared factory in the network Make HERE. They create, produce, exercise, make their projects exist and grow on a daily basis and they are in the honor of the first campaign digital Stories from ICI.


The Make ICI project was born at ICI Montreuil, the first solidarity and collaborative manufacture created in 2012 by Christine and Nicolas Bard, two advertising and finance executives converted into the social and solidarity economy. Since 2012 in the heart of the territories (Montreuil, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Nantes, Le Puy-en-Velay and soon Paris, Tours and in the Morvan) ICI third-places (ICI Montreuil, ICI Marseille, etc.) allow entrepreneurs to launch and develop their activity within factories designed with a logic of sharing : residents share equipment (workshops, professional and digital manufacturing machines, storage spaces, assembly rooms) and all intangible assets (know-how, networks, etc.).


The Histoires d'ICI digital campaign highlights the inspiring journey of residents and the interest in joining a Make ICI factory to create, train and undertake "Doing". It comes in a web series, an advertising spot intended for the cinema, as well as in a podcast. The first three episodes of the web series thus highlight the testimonies of Charlotte Winné from Valley Workshop. With his sidekick Ludovic Buron, they produce within ICI Montreuil lamps created from recycled paint cans of street artists. It also offers the course of Jean-Pierre Ambrosino from the Basket cutlery (ICI Marseille), as well as those of cabinetmakers Eric Perez and Julien Arnaud from Boys in the wood (HERE Montreuil).


The #histoiresdici web series is broadcast on the Youtube channel and the Linkedin page of Make ICI and benefits from a social media buying campaign. The advertising spot will be shown on cinema screens in Montreuil (Complexe Le Méliès) from mid-December then on those in Marseille and Nantes during the first quarter of 1.


The campaign was carried out by Agence Ré-L, a young content creation agency created by Dario Félix, Daphné Malka and Arthur Courant. The three co-founders met during their studies at École W, a journalism and communication school. The democratization of digital content in corporate communication has motivated them to join forces to create a transversal agency whose ambition is to best tell the story of its clients through appropriate storytelling. Rather successful!


The overall trailer for the 3 episodes:

The teasers:

Charlotte Winné, Noue Atelier:

Jean-Pierre Ambrosino, Cutlery from the Basket:

Eric Perez and Julien Arnaud, Boys in the Wood:


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