This year, Orange is celebrating Christmas with a rather unusual character: M4GIC.

The incredible Christmas with M4gic

M4GIC, comes from another galaxy and is always ahead of its time. This man, quite sulphurous, arrives to give us an incredible Christmas thanks to the new 4G offers of'Orange.

Created by theMarcel agency, M4GIC is imbued with a strong universe, united around the talents of Alexandre Astier and Sylvain Quimène (better known under the name of Gunther Love).

M4GIC's incredible Christmas begins today, with a major trans-media operation.

The commercial features the arrival of M4GIC on earth. In a very original universe, we discover who this character is. Faster than light and virtually present on several screens at the same time, we can find him slumped in his armchair, or sharing photos of unicorns with his friends at the same time.

Through a poster campaign, M4GIC will be present in our urban environment.

It can also be found on social networks such as: Twitter, Instagram or Foursquare.


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