More and more brands are offering in their actions to reduce our addiction to our Smartphones. Today, UNICEF is offering to offer whole days of drinking water to children in need.

Away from you, for you

Launched in 2007 by UNICEF and its agency Droga5, the Tap Project aims to raise funds to be able to distribute drinking water to all populations in need. The latest find from the United Nations agency is the mobile version for outreach and mobilization.

Using our smartphone addiction and containing it for a nice gesture: making an effort for others, this is UNICEF's message. In practice, it suffices to connect to the mobile version of the project,, follow the instructions and stay at least 10 minutes away from their mobile.

Thus, every 10 minute spent away from her phone brings a day of drinking water to a child. The money is actually donated by UNICEF partners who have pledged $ 0.025 for each person who spends 10 minutes away from their phone. Time is of course cumulative.

These little challenges are more and more common. This new way of operating, by requiring dispensable time and not financial donations (which are still possible here), helps attract more people to the cause.

(The site being slightly overloaded by the number of visits, do not despair if you do not get there the first time).

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