A new spot from the BETC agency for LOTO.

LOTO revisits the road movie


Here is the very last spot of the French Games for LOTO (4th French game), a film directed by Tom Kuntz, production Smile Unlimited / MJZ.

LOTO presents us with a production in music (a reinterpretation of “Born to be wild” by Steppenwofl) which features two young employees leaving their jobs after winning.

No more crazy departure with a disguised employee chanting "goodbye president", this time the exit is quick and jovial.

The two men walk through the premises in their office chairs, and without a word, just with smiles and nods, leave their company and literally fly to freedom.

The spot highlights the feeling of freedom and the possibility of being able to realize your dreams, like here, leaving your job to go discover the world (and Route 66).

All in humor, and lightness, the film mixes emotion and sensationalism for an offbeat version of the road movie, which skilfully reminds that young people can also win in LOTO.

The spot will first air on television on January 24 before the LOTO draw, with a shorter 30-second version to follow from January 29 to February 4.

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