The economy brand of AccorHotels is launching a new campaign around street culture and calls on rapper Lomepal to reach out to young travelers.

For the first time, Ibis budget tends towards a new brand territory. Historically, Ibis Budget hotels have a peri-urban geographic location. Which makes it a privileged place for many movements stemming from the street culture. It therefore seemed obvious that the brand was exploring the facets of this territory for its new campaign.

Lomepal explores the city differently for Ibis Budget

Accompanied by his two skater friends Alastair Pathe and Marc-Antoine Barbier, Lomepal is embarking on a chase race around the cities of Paris, Lyon and Marseille. It is through a series of four films that theMarcel agency takes us to the Ibis Budget hotels.

The campaign is based entirely on humor. It features groups of friends in a skate park, trying to repair their damaged or even broken skates. When Lomepal and his two acolytes arrived, the other skateboarders set off after them, envious of their skates in good condition. And it is quite naturally that they take refuge in an Ibis Budget hotel to flee from their adversaries. The spot ends with the slogan: “Recharge, start again”.

A well thought out campaign

In this campaign, the Marcel agency has been able to highlight the proximity and accessibility of Ibis Budget hotels. Perfect for young travelers, because in addition to being economical, you can find more than 300 hotels all over France.

So if you have not yet booked your holiday, go on an adventure in the city of your choice and recharge your batteries in one of the many Ibis Budget hotels. A destination in mind?

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