The race for social networks has never been so strong in recent years, but acclaimed by professionals, Linkedin stands out. At the end of March, the latter launched two new tools for businesses: “Marketing Content” and “Trending Content”.

Evaluate the impact of your marketing strategy and compare according to the trend


LinkedIn has established itself since its creation in 2003 as one of the leaders in professional social networks. With more than 270 million users worldwide, LinkedIn connects the world's professionals to improve their productivity. To do this, the social network must regularly launch new tools allowing them to achieve this goal.

LinkedIn is launching its "Dynamic Duo" offer made up of "Marketing Content", which will enable the company to measure the impact of its marketing strategy, and "Trending Content", the aim of which is to help companies to discover the popular content of the moment in a given industry and this among members of the social network.


“Marketing Content” offers a calculation whose score is obtained by dividing the engagement rate, or number of users engaged with the published content, by the total audience targeted by the brand. According to the statistics obtained, the company will be able to filter its results by country, industry and more. As a result, LinkedIn will offer the company optimization recommendations, or how to improve its results in terms of content visibility or publication frequency, for example.

With these new tools, LinkediIn intends to establish itself definitively as a leader in social networks for professionals by offering as much content as possible.


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