The European Heritage Days will take place on September 20 and 21, and it is with surprise that LIDL will join these 31st days by becoming a Partner.

If I told you LIDL, you would answer me " European Heritage Days ”?

LIDL has chosen to become a partner of the European Heritage Days for their 2014 editions.

Cheeky partnership for a hard discount!

It is true that since 2012, LIDL has been moving towards a move upmarket with a new positioning of the brand.

With more than 1500 LIDL stores in France, the brand reaffirms through this partnership its desire to offer products from French regions while being accessible.

More than 70% of LIDL products are products from French producers. As a result, we can better understand this partnership with the European Heritage Days. With LIDL highlighting French producers in these stores, the brand can pride itself on defending French culinary heritage at its own level.

To do this, LIDL will display 22 posters (in reference to the 22 French metropolitan regions) which will highlight: 1 monument, 1 producer or even 1 regional product.

Will this partnership have the desired effect on the 10 million or so visitors to European Heritage Days by restoring the “LIDL” brand image?


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