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A job interview can become a real torture for some candidates. LG prolongs the ordeal with an apocalyptic hidden camera.

Pulsating titillation expert

The firm is accustomed to the fact, since it has already taken pleasure in trapping of individuals using its screens. With each time the same leitmotif: the demonstration of the realism of these.

The last operation thus extols the merits of Ultra HD 84. Technicians therefore prepare the hoax by setting up a window frame. LG's HD screen acts as a window and lets appear in the background, a peaceful city where nothing seems to disturb the tranquility.

The three victims who pass a job interview organized especially for the occasion do not suspect anything. To the classic stress, is added the horror of seeing an asteroid crashing into the city, an apocalyptic image broadcast by the installed screen.

Result, the unfortunate candidates come close to heart attack and hysteria - justified - for our greatest pleasure, and for that of the realism of LG's HD screens.

© LG



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