In its last advertisement, Nivea Sun found an original approach to warn against the harmful effects of the sun.

An artistic spot

The group called on Thomas leveritt to shoot his advertising spot “The harmful effects of the sun through a UV camera”.

The images show us faces of people exposed to the sun without protection. If no lesion is perceptible to the naked eye, the ultraviolet camera allows them to appear on the screen. The difference is obvious, skin that looked quite normal is in fact damaged by the sun.

We then see other people applying sunscreen. The tone is then much lighter and jovial. The cream which, like the lesions seems invisible to the naked eye, turns into a very dark cream! The contrast shows that even if you can't see it, sunscreen does indeed form a protective layer against the harmful effects of the sun.

We then see all the dark faces with lots of cream, more or less well distributed, and the smiles of people facing their reflection completely altered because of the cream and the camera.

The spot is particularly telling since it is very visual. We do not put forward long theoretical arguments, the artist and the group have found an alternative and effective solution to raise awareness of the risks associated with exposure to the sun.

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