Why and how to learn a modern language using the Internet


We know the Internet is a great tool for learning from all over the world. He is also a great ally for learning a foreign language.

In the 90s, the meteoric rise of the web caused many sociologists to discuss the question of the upheaval in the relationship between languages, their learning and the web.


Indeed, access to foreign information in just a few clicks suggested that language learning would change forever!

The web revolution and the amount of possibilities on the web have changed mentalities. Today, many people wish to develop their knowledge (culture, languages ​​...) and what better than the Internet to learn languages ​​other than ours: easily, quickly and for free ...


Small interesting links just for you ...

Japanese : Ici-Japon.com, Crapulescorp.net, NHK World.

Russian: Russianfacile.fr, Russia.net, LiveMocha

English: BBC Learning Inglés, Learn Inglês, Anglaisfacile.com, Lapasserelle.com ...

Arabic: Firdaous.com

Spanish: BBC Learning Spanish, La Passerelle.com, españolfacile.com

Mandarin: Speak chinese

German: Cronimus, GermanEasy.com

Italian: Our favorite: the site of Rai accessible and very complete allowing you to learn Italian by living situations of everyday life.

The plus: this site is accessible in French, Spanish or English!

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