Building on its exponential success in China, the international brand strategy consulting firm, Labbrand, arrives in France, infusing new global expertise for European brands and companies, and wishing to develop beyond borders by relying on an approach cultural and collaborative.

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With more than 10 years of success, the Labbrand company, founded by French entrepreneur Vladimir Djurovic, has succeeded in its bet by focusing on emerging countries, including China, as the new vectors of innovation. Labbrand puts its brand vision into practice in one of the most complex and sophisticated markets for brands to address, developing an offer that combines in-depth understanding of consumers, strategic brand vision and activation , as well as the creation of names and visual identities. Labbrand uses the cultural lever to offer relevant brand positioning as well as a personalized offer to brands that are developing internationally in a world which, according to her, is devoid of borders.

Composed of 50 people in Shanghai, Labbrand is now settling its suitcases in Paris, bringing in its luggage its great expertise acquired internationally by combining both dynamism and innovation, which are more than ever part of its mode of operation. Labbrand France is above all an extremely responsive team with a new outward-looking spirit. A strong cultural aspect, developing brand actions anchored and adapted to the specificities of the different markets by placing the offers in a multi-local dimension rather than in a sometimes simplifying global vision.

 A unique positioning in France, to build an international brand

Labbrand's offer in France includes:

  • a concrete vision and application of branding and branding
  • a collaborative method based on cultural studies
  • the creation of international identities and names.

In its missions, branding is no longer considered as an esoteric terminology, but as the transformation of innovative insights into concrete actions. True expression of the brand through all points of contact with its audiences, it must be both clear and consistent. When Labbrand acts for a naming project (creating a name), it is not just people who meet in a room to think, but a complete methodology and the use of algorithms that make it possible to understand a brand name. in an international dimension. Connection to a worldwide network of correspondents thus enables linguistic checks to be carried out by offering rapid responses. This intuitive, network-powered online tool is called " TheBrandChecker »: True fruit of the laboratory (Lab) of the company. The Labbrand offer also combines cultural & collaborative, relying on semiology and ethnological analysis methods, and workshops promoting dialogue with the client, in a logic of support and enhancement of internal insights. A cultural collaboration all the more important in a context of international exchanges. Thus, Labbrand influences the culture of companies and their teams to allow them an international influence and build brands that are sustainable. Labbrand's goal is clear: to provide its customers with highly strategic solutions that are both achievable and practical while helping brands strengthen internationally to enter new markets.

Among Labbrand's international clients:

The emblematic French tourism brand, Club Med has entrusted the creation of its new brand to Labbrand: Joyview by Club Med. A new, original offer specially designed for Chinese consumers, near major cities, for short stays. The company has thus developed the positioning, the architecture as well as the brand signature (logo), the visual identity system and the new Chinese and English names. This new brand name was designed to draw people into natural landscapes "of great beauty and to share this joy with their loved ones". Currently in full development on the Chinese Gold Coast, the new brand Joyview by Club Med brings unique offers to China in the Chinese holiday resort market.

Recently, the French Renault group placed its trust in calling on Labbrand for its expertise and in-depth thinking on international markets, as part of the naming of its new compact cross-over in the C segment signed " Qajar ". If Labbrand has aroused the interest of the automotive group, it is because today the company is a leading figure in the field of international brand development, in a country today a symbol of global avant-garde. . Although Renault's new model is not aimed solely at the Chinese market, China is one of the essentials when it comes to exporting to the world. Currently, the new French office Labbrand, whose baseline is “brand innovations”, is turning to directors in charge of international developments, branding managers as well as foreign companies established in France and in Europe. Labbrand does not hide its French ambition which is to hire several people in 2015; excellent news for the French market.

Who is Vladimir Djurovic?

French entrepreneur Vladimir Djurovic began his career working in the dealing room for Société Générale and then as representative of the Galeries Lafayette Group in China. Following his experiences and having received the Marcel Bleustein Blanchet Grant in 2001, Vladimir Djurovic launched Labbrand in 2005, in Shanghai, in the heart of the M50 Creative Industry Park, a district renowned for its particular artistic and creative atmosphere, well reflecting the “Laboratory” spirit displayed by the company - Shanghai having become a huge laboratory for innovation. Today, the international company forms a rapidly growing team comprising around fifteen different nationalities and more than 20 languages ​​spoken fluently by the teams. Labbrand is in the development phase in France, but is already very solid and very mature in China where it has posted a gross margin of 70% with growth of + 50% per year for the past 5 years. It employs nearly 20 people there each year and addresses both prestigious multinationals and large SMEs around the world.

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