Created in the summer of 2018 by two thirty-something, Amaury de Larauze and Arnaud Becker, Kiliba publishes the first 100% autonomous email marketing module. This is a tool that automates the creation and sending of emails to a brand's contacts based on their visiting or purchasing behavior on its website and their profile, thanks to intelligence artificial.


Kiliba revolutionizes Marketing Automation thanks to artificial intelligence by automating the entire process from email design to sending, including targeting recipients and messages based on scenarios.

Where other Automation Marketing software manages the sending of targeted messages, Kiliba adds the design and creation of the email, in several languages.


Today, around twenty scenarios are available for marketers at e-merchants, including the automatic sending of emails on the birthday or party of the customer, during annual events such as black Friday, Father's or Mother's Day, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, back to school, during a no-purchase visit, abandoned cart relaunch, cross-selling, sending promotions to customers there sensitive. Kiliba takes the message of the activated scenario and pushes products that the targeted customer is most likely to buy: the products are displayed in the email with photo, description and link for the purchase.


Everything is automatic.


It only takes a few minutes for e-merchant marketing teams, no matter how small, to configure the tool, that is to say, install it from the catalog of modules of Prestashop and Magento, the tools and tools. -commerce most used in France, choose the tone (simple & neutral, pro & serious, fun & quirky), colors, put their logo, integrate their social networks into the footer, choose the scenarios to activate and that's it .


What a bonus!


Kiliba has 250 clients including Pyrenex, Well, Nat & Nin, 64, Hawaii Surf, Atelier Particulier, Pako Litto.


The results are astounding: the opening rate of promotional emails is multiplied by 3 compared to other Marketing Automation solutions. It can reach 50% or even 80% depending on the scenarios. The return on investment is immediate. For example, it is 350% for the Basque brand 64, with several dozen additional orders per month. 35% of the online turnover of the fashion brand Pako Litto is now generated by Kiliba, 10% of the online turnover of Pyrenex, 7,5% of the turnover of Dessineo, and Kiliba has generated 500 additional orders in less than 4 months for the leather goods brand Nat & Nin. For lingerie and tights brand Well, there are dozens of additional orders each month.


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