Kendji Girac surprises its audience with the release of its clip on November 6, 2020, in the greatest discretion. The video of his new title "Obviously" appeared blurry on his social networks. His audience thought of a mistake and panicked on social media. However, a few weeks later, Kendji Girac reveals that it was a low definition clip and that it was wanted.


The winner of The Voice 2014, wanted to make its fans experience for a few minutes what a large number of French people experience every day.

Indeed, 1.9 million French people have poor eyesight and due to lack of resources, they cannot provide for their handicap. This video was therefore made to represent the visual everyday life of many individuals.

Thanks to this media stunt, Kendji Girac highlights the fact that access to visual health remains a concern in our country. A simple but effective way to denounce the current inequalities which are constantly growing.


You should know that the average price of a pair of quality glasses is estimated at around 300 to 600 euros. This represents a real luxury that several million French people cannot afford. According to recent studies, the rate of refusal of optical equipment for financial reasons is 17% among the French for the lowest income. Despite this alarming figure and the precarious condition of these people, it is a fact that remains unknown to the general public.

Kendji thus offers a nice highlight to clarify points of view without bad puns!

For this committed speech, Kendji Girac joined forces with Right of inspection, a new optical brand that has chosen to amplify the effects of 100% Health law in order to allow as many French people as possible to access the best of visual health.

Unlike competing brands which conceal their legal 100% Health offer in favor of more profitable equipment subject to many conditions.

Droit de Regard constitutes, with this law, the heart of its offer by relying solely on zero euro glasses. All this while offering beautiful designs, quality in eyewear and the best of lens technology.

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