Kardham telecommuting webinar

The office property specialist Kardham unveiled the first results of its major survey entitled "The impact of the health crisis on the working environment". His goal ? Question the experience of confinement to better understand how teleworking will lead to rethinking the office of tomorrow. These initial results are based on responses from 1700 employees from 7 companies based in France.

For 40 years, planners have seen working methods evolve in line with societal changes and / or crises and have supported this transformation of work and uses. The health crisis and the massive telework experience linked to containment are a perfect example. What will the post-COVID office look like? Why come to the office if remote work works? What experience do we want employees to live? What are the expectations of employees? These are the questions that the Kardham inquiry seeks to answer. Carried out during and after confinement, it analyzes the relationship of employees to their workplace in a work context exclusively and then mainly remotely.

According to the first results of this survey:

  • From 3 items analyzed (perception of teleworking, maintenance of performance and motivation), the survey reveals a very good adaptation of employees to remote work, with an index of 7,26 / 10, despite a rather weak practice before confinement, and therefore a very satisfactory perceived performance, individually and collectively.
  • 80% of employees want teleworking to continue.
  • Paradoxically, nearly 95% of employees are eager to find their colleagues, which says a lot about the social and collective vocation of the office.
  • More than 80% of respondents felt strong support from management during the lockdown. During the confinement, managerial relations were not deteriorated, from the point of view of managers and employees.

Kardham will publish all updated results in October 2020. The company, founded in 1992, brings together 400 talents with diverse profiles (consultants, architects, engineers, designers, sociologists, etc.) experts in all trades in the real estate value chain: consulting, architecture & engineering, design of 'spaces, digital.

Kardham live webinar
Webinar platform produced by Kardham Digital for Thyssenkrupp Elevators during containment. It enabled 2500 clients and / or collaborators to connect simultaneously during live and on-demand webinars.

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