Since December 31, and a year after a first success on the theme of time travel, Just Eat continues its saga and returns with its new advertising campaign signed Buzzman. Through two separate 30-second spots broadcast on our screens and on social networks, the world leader in online home meal delivery, relies on an offbeat tone and humor to make us travel through time, and better subscribe to current practices.

Just Eat brilliantly continues its advertising saga in the twists and turns of time!

Just eat continues his journey through time, with Max, his character who came straight from the future, and already known to viewers and Internet users.

In this new season, our incongruous messenger continues to surprise us and make us laugh by going to preach the good word in the past, more precisely in the Middle Ages and the Age of Enlightenment. In front of 3 knights who eat nutria, or even in front of 4 courtesans of Versailles who were impatiently awaiting the Duchess's macaroons, Max, accompanied by his now cult fridge, makes a sensational entrance and does not go unnoticed!

A game of balances that works!

An explosive staging which also allows to highlight a message of equally disconcerting simplicity. Max explains to us that Just Eat is the future! By making it possible to order in all your favorite restaurants and have it delivered quickly, all in a few seconds, the application indeed marks the spirits by its ease of use and its side almost essential to the daily life of the French! A claim that would seem almost out of place if it were not counterbalanced by an unusual counter-hero, lazy and almost out of date, to which we can only get attached thanks to a well-honed and terribly funny speech.

"With this new film, we are delighted to find Max again, who once again asserts our convictions: ordering meals delivered is simple, fast, within everyone's reach.”- Elisabeth Le Gall, Marketing Director at Just Eat France.

Through the continuation of a saga which has already proved its worth, it is clear that Just Eat does not really take any risks to start this new year. However, the campaign works by continuing the process of attachment to the brand (and to its character) and wins anyway in capital sympathy by establishing itself as a fun and offbeat application. It's very simple, and yet, that's all we love ...

Hear, hear… what if the advertising success was hidden in the simplicity (or in a pizza?)



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