Is home selling out of date? On the contrary, this mode of distribution is far from dead, and is getting a real facelift thanks to the web. Door-to-door sales are above all a story of networks and now all the players in the sector have their own meeting space on the web with the site which brings a breath of fresh air. With one click, you can announce the sale that you are organizing and find new customers or apply to become a hostess or advisor for one of the site's twenty partner brands.


Door-to-door sales: a sector far from sluggish In a difficult economic context, door-to-door sales are doing well by generating employment for nearly half a million people (Credoc 2011). Far from the “old-fashioned” image conveyed for a long time, door-to-door sales have evolved and now concern very diversified sectors, ranging from decoration to pastry making, including jewelry and clothing. Even if e-commerce is growing rapidly, the brakes on online shopping remain strong, no possibility of seeing or touching the product, lack of advice, etc., unlike home sales which attracted before all by its friendly and personalized side. It is a unique opportunity to meet new people, to discover original and quality products.


On the employment side, it is a sector which recruits and allows to reconcile professional and private life. Another significant advantage is that consumers do not have to go to stores or be in the crowd. Home sales allow you to have a good time with friends. Door-to-door and web sales: an alliance with a future Door-to-door sales are a growing sector that relies on its networks of hostesses and advisers. The hostesses invite their friends, their neighbors to the sales and the advisers can extend their network there. However, today this system operates in a closed circle, relying mainly on word of mouth. But what if you don't know the hostess or the advisor who is organizing the sale? Internet and social networks have become an extraordinary meeting place and exchange, and Sophie Desombre, creator of the site, has understood this well by creating a bridge between the web and the home sales community. is therefore located at the crossroads between a market place and a social network where all the players in the sector (hostesses, advisers, consumers, brands) are put in touch. One day a sale: the connection 2.0 revolutionizes door-to-door sales by using the power of the web to unite all players in door-to-door sales by listing all door-to-door sales in France. The site thus offers visibility to brands who can introduce themselves, showcase their items, announce their needs for saleswomen and ensure representation throughout France.

The counselors build a real network with the opportunity to meet new hostesses. For future hostesses, or hosts who host sales, they only have to register on the site before being contacted by advisers who want to expand their network. Consumers are also satisfied by discovering a new mode of consumption with original and quality products.


With just one click, they now have access to all the sales organized near their home and can directly ask the hostesses to attend shopping sessions that truly correspond to their needs and desires. With, the Internet is revolutionizing home sales by creating a real community, a real home sales network. About Un jour une vente Created in January 2012 by Sophie Desombre, is a platform that is revolutionizing door-to-door sales.

It brings together all the market players: advisers, hostesses, brands and Internet users wishing to participate or organize door-to-door sales!

Some references: Les Gourmandises de Charlotte, Smart Candle, Legzskin, Nutrimetics, Nuskin, Viapresse, L'Orangerie, Anne-Gabrielle Rébillard, Babouc, Cotoon Paris, Le Laboratoire Body Nature, Stampin'up, Vanille Acajou ...



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