This year, the famous food chain Intermarché celebrates its 50th anniversary. For the occasion, she is offering us a brand new opus in her saga "We are Producers and Traders to help you eat a little better every day" entitled "It's magnificent". This 3-minute spot imagined by the Romance agency and directed by Katia Lewkowicz, was unveiled to the general public on March 24 on TF1, before the Sunday evening film.

A moving new advertising spot

"It is a challenge to be able to renew the emotion with each film, it is the result of 6 months of work and dozens of abandoned scripts before making the bet that it is indeed this story that must be told" , Alexandre Hervé - Creative Director of Romance.

In 2017, Intermarché accompanied by the same team, broadcast its first 3-minute advertising spot entitled "Love love". We saw a young man falling under the spell of a cashier in an Intermarché supermarket, who decided to change her eating habits to seduce her, all accompanied by Mouloudji's song "love love".

Even today, the giant surprises us with a new spot full of emotions. This time, we discover a sad man after the disappearance of his wife. One day, he comes across a recipe book from the latter and sets out to reproduce one of his dishes identically. Then begins a touching journey for this man, to conquer the memory of his wife. To accompany it, the title "It's beautiful" by Cole Porter interpreted by Benjamin Biolay.

 Strong competition in a booming market

“In a market where all of our competitors have repositioned themselves, it is imperative that we stay ahead of the game by deploying our fight to“ eat better ”everywhere. The year of our 50th anniversary was the perfect opportunity to stage a generation that grew up with the brand ”, Vincent Bronsar-Strategic and operational Marketing Adherent of Intermarché.

Since the broadcast of its first spot from its advertising saga, Intermarché has made a name for itself in the “better eating” market and has also become a growth leader in France. The brand has since won the Grand Prix Stratégies and the Grand Prix Effie for its campaigns. However, it is not the only one to want to dominate this market and must face ever greater competition from other giants of the food industry. This is why she wanted to stand out by creating this amazing advertising saga.

“I am delighted that we are bringing Intermarché into popular culture, by building a unique territory. This consistency is the guarantee of a long-term image and business success for the brand ”. Christophe Lichtenstein - President of Romance.

Today, consumers are more and more demanding with regard to their consumption and the quality of their products, and this has been well understood by major retailers. With this new spot and a strong slogan “we all have a reason to eat better”, Intermarché is attacking the affections of its customers and wishes to convince them of the benefits of eating better. An objective achieved but a somewhat confusing way of proceeding when we see that the brand uses the lack of a deceased husband to sell its products.


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