Innocent and Heineken smoothies

The Innocent smoothie brand is particularly known for its sense of humor. She once again showed it by responding to the Heineken beer brand.

The Innocent smoothie brand cultivates its start-up spirit based on a culture and committed values. But the main trait of his communication is indeed his sense of humor and derision. It is enough to consult his Twitter page to have the proof.

Innocent and Heineken: posters full of repartee

The match began when the Heineken brand launched a non-alcoholic beer at the start of the summer, the Heineken 0.0 °. This new product is at the heart of the brand's new commercial strategy: to conquer the booming non-alcoholic beer market. For the occasion, the Dutch brewer has created a series of posters to promote Heineken 0.0 °. One of them does not have really pleased Innocent, ready to unleash a "Fruitsvolution".

Heineken 0.0% Smoothies are good, a little less for aperitifs
© Heineken 0.0 "Smoothies are good, a little less for an aperitif"

The response was therefore not long in coming and Innocent drew a print diverted from the Heineken advertisement.

Innocent "Beer is good, at breakfast a little less"
© Innocent "Beer is good, at breakfast a little less"

In the end, all's well that ends well, as Heineken released a poster of reconciliation shortly after Innocent's response. A natural and well-managed communication move by the two brands!

Innocent or Heineken 0.0 ° "It's where you want, when you want"
Innocent or Heineken 0.0 ° "It's where you want, when you want"

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