Today, one in four people is affected by a respiratory disease and the prevalence of these diseases (asthma or allergic rhinitis) continues to increase. People with respiratory allergies are often unaware of the causes of their allergy and the available solutions. To communicate with the general public on this pathology, Stallergenes, an international laboratory specializing in allergy, entrusted Imaload, a digital and video agency, with carrying out its international awareness campaigns on pollen allergy and dust mite allergy. .

Imaload has thus designed a web device, integrating a website available in several languages ​​and video spots.

A dual digital and video device

Imaload's dual expertise in web production and video creation seduced the laboratory, which saw in this text and rich media complementarity a great opportunity to multiply the impact of its message. These videos, betting on humor to highlight the constraints associated with respiratory diseases, have been praised by several TV shows, in France and internationally.

A complete and interactive website on respiratory allergy

The agency has designed an educational and interactive website that informs the general public about allergies to dust mites and pollens. Texts, videos, quizzes, personalized questionnaire and patient testimonials punctuate this first site 100% dedicated to respiratory allergies. has been rolled out in 12 countries where Stallergenes is present (Argentina, Belgium, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Czech Republic, Turkey, etc.).

Fun and impactful videos

Imaload has designed 3 quirky web spots that form a web series. These spots show the impacts and nuisances in daily life caused by respiratory allergies. The characters, allergic, take drastic and disproportionate measures to avoid contact with dust mites or pollens.

The campaign won two Pharma Success awards (best operation in the “Communication Patients” category and FNIM special award for Best Health Initiative).


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