No, IKEA has not switched to electronics. And yet, the furniture giant is interested in our batteries in this new advertising spot imagined by the HAVAS Lemz agency for IKEA Amsterdam. A 60-second spot where the brand capitalizes once again on life, the real one, thanks to the almost oxymoronic metaphor of technology. And that, all in poetry!

A feel-good advertisement in the form of a story

Who has never experienced this feeling of exhaustion at the end of the day? You know, those moments when our bodies, like robots, take over all the daily tasks, thus taking us away from the essential. It is this feeling, well known especially to young parents, that IKEA Amsterdam has chosen to stage. Completely exhausted by their daily mothers, a couple goes to bed for a restful night. And while a charging battery icon appears above the sleeping bodies, the video takes us through the bedroom where a secondary life takes over: that of the house, the brand's area of ​​expertise. While the scenario is not in itself very innovative, the viewer will nevertheless be surprised to be embraced by this video. Thanks to a particularly worked OFF voice, it allows us to identify with the actors by placing us in an almost meditative state. All the strength of the campaign is indeed nestled in this poetic narration that resembles an evening tale, which soothes by its tone and reassures by the words used. " What consumes your mind controls your life (…) Do not be blinded by the sight of things that could have, should have, could. Embrace the darkness, cherish the peace. Go ahead, give in to this sweet release. ". A real guilt-relieving effect that works well on a target of overbooked young workers.

A real positioning of the brand

If the brand is not really into innovation in this new advertising spot, it nevertheless continues to convince by reaffirming its commitments. First of all with regard to everyday life, that of everyone, made up of faults, little worries and feelings. IKEA is indeed establishing itself as the distributor who creates products for all life situations, but above all who deeply understands its customers. Proof of this is with the storage staged in this campaign and which has the merit of sparing the young couple. But this campaign is also a way to continue the brand's commitments to the LGBT community. If these are not new for IKEA which had already staged a homosexual couple in a first campaign in 1994, it remains nonetheless original in the current advertising sphere.

Both simple and mysterious, this video full of poetry based on a slice of life also has that soothing effect that is unusual in advertising. Thanks to a particularly successful realization of the house CZAR Amsterdam and a roving discourse on the universal subject of sleep and guilt, IKEA reassures us. And only confirms its position in the top 15 brands " Meaningfull " and " Feelgood ”(HAVAS Media, 2015).

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