Ikea Lego Bygglek boxes

In 2018 Ikea and Lego announce a collaboration. The fans wait, wonder and then despair… until recently. Indeed, the two brands have finally launched their joint product: it is BYGGLEK, customizable storage boxes with Lego!

A simple concept

At first glance, BYGGLEK are very simplistic boxes: white and rectangular. Their particularity comes from lid made in Lego mold. Available in three sizes, the boxes are currently only on sale in German Ikea stores for prices ranging from € 10 to € 15. However, they could arrive in France at the end of the year.

Inside each box the buyer will find a Lego bag allowing him to personalize the cover as he wishes. Of course, it is also possible to use his favorite Lego already purchased before. BYGGLEK then becomes the opportunity to go back to digging through your old Lego boxes. Between nostalgia and return to childhood, Ikea signs an emotionally unique product in the furniture sector.

For its part, Lego is also changing its image thanks to this collaboration. He abandons his toy aspect to become a real decoration element. It also allows the brand to return to an older audience.

Ikea Lego customizable boxes

Between DIY and personalization

If this collaboration takes on its full meaning, it is also because the two brands are based on the same principle: you receive spare parts and you have to assemble them to create. They are based on the pleasure that comes from do something by yourself, in a world where we are used to receiving everything “ready to use”.

With BYGGLEK, Ikea and Lego are therefore surfing the trend of DIY (D), made even more viral by containment. It is a return to the authenticity and innocence of childhood. The Lego cover can come to life according to your mood and be undone at any time: it's neither binding nor final.

Finally, and especially if you use your own Lego, customization is total. It is impossible for two people to make the exact same box. Some will use their Lego Star Wars when others will use their Lego princesses. As a result, BYGGLEK boxes are aimed at all audiences because everyone can make them look like them. Usually, Ikea is in the standardization, here the brand really innovates.

Ikea: widening your prism and reaching people

The collaboration with Lego is not the only proof that the Swedish brand wants to diversify its activity. In 2020, Ikea is very productive in marketing moves.

After Lidl and McDonald's, Ikea is also launching his clothing line EFTERTRADA. T-shirt, sweatshirt but also umbrella and water bottle: the brand is available on a whole range of products. Ikea enters by this process a little more in the lives of consumers and offers ambassadors.

Ikea also took advantage of the health crisis to launch the concept of holiday kits. With these boxes, consumers can travel to distant countries, made inaccessible because of the coronavirus. Thus, the box "Love in Paris" offers the recipe for quiche Lorraine or songs by Joe Dassin. By offering this touch of lightness, humor and escape, the brand still places itself on the side of customers and is attentive to their current needs.

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