As part of the “Wonderful Everyday” Mother London campaign, director Dougal Wilson and Blink Productions are offering us a T-shirt migration!

ikea t shirt

IKEA shows us an incredible migration

The advertisement is shown in England and Ireland. The challenge was great: to reproduce a flight of migratory birds… with T-shirts. Yet it is brilliantly successful. We therefore find a flight of clothes, of different sizes and colors, crossing many landscapes, each more grandiose than the next.

In the first moments of the advertisement, we see what appear to be cranes, before realizing that they are indeed T-shirts.

The clothes will then face multiple adventures; we see them leaving a cold country, crossing snow-covered forests, frozen landscapes… Like birds, their journey allows them to arrive in milder places, where the sun could melt the snow. At this moment the situation stabilizes we see them flying under a bridge above a boat, or fly away when danger approaches: Situations that we easily associate with scenes that we all have already seen, with birds.

Then a storm arises, the work is such on the folds, the movements against the wind and the positions of the clothes, that we manage to detect emotions, we feel the difficulty in the storm as we felt the calm in the previous scenes. The flock of T-shirts ended up finding a warm and bright home; an Ikea dressing room. The whole flight is then wonderfully clean, and ironed, even the latecomer, who we saw struggling in the storm.

Douglas Wilson's advertisement, Mother London and Blink Porductions, tells a story, that of an extraordinary migration, which will make the viewer travel within a universe full of poetry, humor and lightness, by mixing codes and playing on contrasts.

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