It's done, Instagram (which belongs to Facebook) is launching its application today: Hyperlapse, specially dedicated to Time-lapse. But what is time-lapse? We tell you everything ...

Hyperlapse, the new Instagram application entirely dedicated to time-lapse

The Social giant: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat; adds a new app to its long list. This time, the Hyperlapse app is exclusively dedicated to time-lapse. This technique, which is widely used today, consists of taking a succession of photographs at regular intervals. The application will then edit a video from these photos, on a classic 24 frames per second pattern. Such a montage makes it possible to put still images on video, to give movement to a simple detail, in an impressive movement effect.

Let yourself be guided by this very intuitive application, which will put all your little moments in life into action. Most importantly, unlike any other video system, it won't drain your battery. No need for a tripod and other digital stabilizers to shoot perfect videos.

Formerly reserved for professionals or insiders, thanks to Hyperlapse and the is the international treasure Instagram, the time-lapse is now accessible to all.

Available now onApple Store, the application should soon be adapted for Android.

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