Henkel, world leader in brands and technologies thanks to its innovations in three business areas: Adhesive Technologies, Cosmetics (Beauty Care) and Detergents and household cleaning products (Laundry & Home Care) releases its new range of cosmetics thanks to the Crépuscule brand design agency.

Twilight is an independent brand design agency. It is committed to following trends by designing innovative concepts with agility and precision. The 50 passionate employees want only one thing: Reveal the beauty of brands and create immersive, engaging and effective brand experiences.

That's pretty good! Today we present Got2b which will reveal your beauty to you!

Complete support to obtain the best products.

Twilight accompanied Henkel throughout the territory of got2b Makeup : brand identity, packaging, digital assets and sales support tools. A complete service to create THE new unisex cosmetics brand of the moment!

250 references to the delight of consumers!

The brand goes all out and offers a wide variety of products! The goal? Meet all needs by offering products that promote inclusiveness, self-expression and diversity. The message is clear… got2B wants to shake up the codes by taking into account the evolutions of our society. An obvious decision in favor of all individuals.

A brand with a marked territory.

The new cosmetics brand strengthens its identity by displaying a unifying Got2b and Schwarzkopf logo, the idea is to reassure consumers by offering them derivative products. Also, Got2b attaches great importance to packaging, which must define the personality of each product name, a major challenge to create an offbeat and dynamic universe.

So, we say yes to beauty for all!

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