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On June 5, on the occasion of the national ketchup day, Heinz and Casetify have joined forces to create a new gourmet and technological collection. Phone case, connected watch, airpods case: they all took on the colors of the famous food brand.

Heinz ketchup in all its forms

While last year the brand celebrated its 150th anniversary, releasing for the occasion the "Tomato Edchup" in collaboration with Ed Sheeran, Heinz is once again in tune with the times by taking an interest in new technologies.

This collection allows him to affix its logo on various supports, and to associate it with its famous red color. The brand is also playing on the variations of its flagship product. It reuses for example the visual of his old bottles, the ones that made it famous. It also features its pods on quilted shells to recall their texture.

Heinz then did not forget to call on influencers to disseminate these new products.

An expansion of the offer for Casetify

The Chinese brand of creation of technological accessories is increasing collaborations in many fields. She thus touched the cinema with its collection inspired by the movie Parasite, at manga with its Pokémon collection or at the mode during his collaboration with Saint Laurent. Casetify has also already bet ondiet during a partnership with Coca-Cola.

However, his collaboration with Heinz is the first to involve food. This is how the Casetify team tried to give this collection a “delicious” aspect that “makes your mouth water”. Bet won? Your turn to judge.

The boom in standard products

Would Heinz then have become such a fashionable brand that we always want to have it on us? Doubt is allowed. One thing is certain is that standardization has become taboo. The time has come for individualism and demarcation. So the question is whether it is better to have a Heinz phone case or to have the same case as his co-worker.

Whether it's for humor, to be offbeat or to shout your love of ketchup, these accessories offer above all originality and uniqueness.

Casetify plays a large part on this scarcity, with little stock and a waiting list principle. Buying these personalized accessories is the guarantee of never seeing someone with the same ones. This is why the brand often renews its collections, the goal is no longer to mass sell a product but to multiply the offers so that each customer has a practically unique product.

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