Heinz, the famous Ketchup brand wants to mark the occasion by launching a competition on its page Facebook.


The Heinz competition consists of letting your imagination run wild to create an artistic drawing on a plate, using Ketchup of course. As a result, plates are to be won, but not just any, these will be customized with the winner's creation.
To motivate its Internet users, Heinz did not hesitate to call on two professionals from the Lyonbombing graffiti collective to show them that anything can be done even with a bottle of Heinz Ketchup.

The two graffiti artists were able to be creative and make this white canvas a work of art in Ketchup sauce! The result is rather stunning, especially since they don't have to draw with ketchup every day ...


With this competition, Heinz hopes to win over his fans.


So you too can go to Heinz's Facebook page and get started in the art of Ketchup! http://fr-fr.facebook.com/heinz.ketchup.france


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