You saw correctly, the sales at -70% we excite so much that they make us wet the pants !

 “Try to contain your excitement! " and the slogan of this advertising campaign of the brand Harvey Nichols which thus announces the summer sales period 2012 in panels 4 by 3 in all London.

Harvey Nichols: the wettest advertising campaign of the year.

 Harvey Nichols is a luxury store chain established in London in 1813, famous both in the UK and abroad for the richness of its exclusive range. It offers the most prestigious brands of the world in women's and men's fashion, accessories, beauty products and food. The famous brand stores are located across the UK and Ireland. The Harvey Nichols brand is one of the main competitors at Harrods, attracting a younger and hip audience.

We salute the audacity of Harvey Nichols on this advertising campaign which highlights the irrational excitement generated by the sales.

Indeed, when we know that 48% of women are more excited at the idea of ​​affording a nice pair of jeans at a reduced price than having sex, it's no wonder that this campaign is already creating a buzz!


Shocking or innovative? And you what do you think ?


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