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Concession Premont Harley Davidson has just launched its new poster campaign which revolves around religion.

The Harley, a new religion ...

Named "To each his religion", the campaign signed by the agency 32 March makes a lot of talk about her.

Indeed, Prémont Harley Davidson assimilates the motorcycle world to its own religion. And to illustrate this, the motorcycle brand associates motorcycle references (Young woman with a helmet with a scarf) with religious symbols (Young veiled woman).

The positioning of the brand arouses many reactions. Some say they are outraged, and think that the campaign goes beyond the limits by approaching religion while others find the idea prodigious and totally approve of "this rebound on the news and this link with the brand"

“The association between religion and Harley-Davidson happened naturally. The passion of motorcyclists for this brand and the spirit of community that surrounds it comes close to a true religion. The offensive allows Prémont Harley-Davidson to strengthen this positioning by communicating a positive message and respecting one of the fundamental values ​​embodied by the brand: freedom! »Explains Guillaume Genest, Creative Director at 32 Mars.

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