According to Wall Street Journal sources, the Groupon Company has postponed its expected roadshow to next week, during which it planned to take stock with potential investors about their IPO.

Groupon is now looking for a new IPO date by justifying this postponement due to market instability.

However, a new element must have put weight in the balance in this choice! : Indeed, the SEC, policeman of the American stock market is leading the investigation into an email sent internally by the CEO of the site which was immediately put online on the internet and had broken the period of silence before an IPO .  

The CEO, exasperated by the fierce accusations which Groupon has been the target for several weeks, had also wanted to react to them in a JDN article of August 26.

In 1996, Wired was forced to shut down its own IPO under similar conditions following the disclosure of an internal memo.

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