Soft music reminiscent of the heady Christmas tunes, the cold of winter, teddy bears and gifts ... Everything is there to remind us of one of the most magical times of the year. And yet, it is indeed an unprecedented awareness campaign that will be broadcast on the giant screen of the Christmas market in the Tuileries Garden, until January 3. For the first time, the NGO is speaking out about pollution and the risk to our children. A serious risk demonstrated by maddening figures, and denounced through " A gift like no other », A discreet film that is played between gentleness and commitment.

Greenpeace denounces the risks of pollution in an unprecedented way

« Faced with air pollution, no mask or scarf is effective protection ". The message that closes the 1min 30 campaign directed by Anna Mantzaris and imagined by the agency 84.Paris almost seems to be a commonplace. And yet, it denounces well, by a puzzling simplicity, this general tendency of the inaction vis-a-vis the dangers of the environment where our children grow up. Indeed, the figures communicated by the National Public Health Agency are alarming: three quarters of children are now too exposed to pollution in France. Third leading cause of death in the country, the air we breathe is also responsible for nearly 48000 premature deaths each year. A state of affairs that would not be inevitable if we were more committed, like this little girl, staged by Greenpeace, who decides to act and protect her loved ones and this little teddy bear, by offering them a homemade protective mask as a Christmas present.

A gentle denunciation

Countryside " A gift like no other »Clashes with the gap between the softness of its realization and the health scandal it denounces. An imbalance assumed by the creative directors of 84.Paris, Olivier and Hervé Bienaimé, who have voluntarily placed this awareness campaign at the heart of the magic of Christmas, as if to better denounce that in the middle of the fairyland sometimes nestles the chaos: " Lhe idea was to write a story that respects the spirit and plays on the codes of Christmas while integrating an awareness message ". A message which, like the subject it denounces, is done almost in silence to better denounce its seriousness. Indeed, we are easily lulled by this short film, imbued with poetry and good feelings, but without dialogue and where only one character seems to move. A bold stance that does not impose a message but makes it understood. In this period when we pay more attention to each other than ever, the campaign then makes it possible to reach fellow citizens and alert them to a state of affairs that is too generally overlooked. Until Greenpeace finally takes the floor. Until this campaign as discreet as it was explosive.

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