On the occasion of the Copa America which takes place at Chilli from June 11 to July 4, Gillette decided to show its support for the Argentine football team, by setting up an original and surprising operation!

Footballers respond to their fans' tweets with their feet!


In the pub to create a link between supporters and players, Gillette and the agency Del Campo Saatchi & Saacthi asked Argentinian footballers to respond to their fans' tweets in an original way. Fans first had to tweet messages to their favorite players under the hashtag #LaBanderaDeLaHinchada. Gillette then installed a virtual keyboard in the cages of a football field… Did you guess? To respond to their supporters' tweets, footballers had to shoot (with their feet of course) on the letters of the giant keyboard. A challenge that seems extremely difficult, but not for the famous Argentine striker Sergio "Kun" Agüero who played the game with pleasure. Thanks to Gillette he took the time to answer his fans while working on his precision!

Thanks to this marketing operation, Gillette, while bringing together players and supporters, was able to promote the high precision of its razors!

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