Yes, gender stereotypes still exist in 2020! And these do not only concern women! Aware of its role to play with these gentlemen in an era of deconstruction of gender themes, the Gillette brand, specializing in shaving solutions and men's care products since 1901, has decided to speak up and get involved. . And what better time to get started than International Human Day, which took place on Thursday, November 19? It is in collaboration with the Marcel agency that the shaving expert launched a print and Web communication yesterday to break stereotypes: a two-week campaign built around a variation of 5 large format posters displayed in the stations. metro stations and a series of interviews on social networks. A speech around the individual and our understanding of the masculine gender which questions as much as it does good.

"Male perfection" called into question

Gender stereotypes are arbitrary characteristics based on preconceived ideas that are attributed to a group of people based on their sex. These stereotypes have an impact on the roles attributed to men and women in society.

To highlight this questioning of male stereotypes, Gillette has imagined a PRINT communication campaign based around a range of portraits, representative of male diversity. A great opportunity to represent the brand's target but also to re-examine its famous signature " Masculine perfection ". Gillette thus takes the party to display and claim a plural and authentic masculinity, closer to reality. A daring approach which also calls into question the brand's earlier speeches which, since its creation last century, has also been a vector of stereotypes in the past.

To pay tribute to the different profiles represented and to be completely relevant in the direction given to this communication campaign, Gillette has chosen to first surround herself with a renowned photographer, already personally involved in the deconstruction. stereotypes through its magazine "Arcades". Wendy Huynh has thus invested in the service of the brand to help it break the stereotypical image of today's man.

So this 5 posters in the form of portraits of very different men, photographed in an intimate setting that were declined as part of this collaboration. A series of posters supplemented by interviews that will be broadcast on social networks (Instagram, YouTube and Twitter). In the coming weeks. Because yes, men too must speak up and affirm what they are!

Lois 22 years old, transgender: “Everyone is perfect in their own way: we are who we are and we don't need validation,” he says. He proudly sports his mustache, reminding us that the moment of shaving was crucial in his transition. He expresses in an interview “I have a micro-mustache for a short time. When I bought my first razor it was a little satisfying to tell myself that I was going to shave… it gave me confidence! "

An innovative and inclusive campaign

Through a bold campaign, Gillette gives us a glimpse of what gender means to her. And it shows us above all in its complexity. By showing and promoting men that we are not used to seeing and hearing, the brand is first and foremost the vector and the spearhead of a changing society, and especially of an evolving masculinity.

Facing the mirror, without artifice, the man, to whom we ultimately leave little to say about what he really is, is invited to ask himself questions about himself and his role in society, where stereotypes and discriminations are unfortunately still very significant.

Questioning? Commitment? Mea Culpa? In all cases, the brand is beginning to renew its words and the consideration of its target, thus getting involved in contemporary social reflections where the individual takes precedence over the norm. By taking the party not to show this time "the one who looks like everyone but suddenly no one", the brand is moving away from clichés. We are in fact far from the virility usually represented, “chocolate bars”, from being solid, virile, tenacious, charming and athletic. Over-played roles that consumers are also tired of seeing!

Fortunately, the change is on time! And Gillette is doing a masterstroke here by imposing itself in the fight for equality, which is manifested in particular by the fight against stereotypes and normativism. By displaying itself as a full player in a culture of equality, the brand finally signs a bold, skilful and inclusive campaign that almost calls into question the very codes of advertising, more inclined to represent the masses and ideals, based on clichés that consumers ultimately no longer want to see because they no longer identify with them. The brand is thus displayed as attentive not only to its target but to consumer demands, in search of truth and authenticity. In short, a campaign that does good! (And not only to men!).

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