The Brazilian government has launched a scent-smelling campaign to encourage smokers to quit.

Many anti-smoking campaigns exist today, each more shocking than the last. Some are even viewed censored because of their character considered too trashy. And then do they even manage to persuade tobacco addicts to quit smoking?

The Brazilian government therefore had the idea of ​​changing the situation, by betting on a less brutal psychological shock. To make someone aware of his faults, it suffices to put him face to face with himself, so that reality in a raw state appears to him.

A reality that stings the nose, ... and the ego:

In a Brazilian shopping center, it is the smell of tobacco that we put under the noses of smokers. In other words, their own smell after smoking a cigarette. Thus, hostesses stop passers-by to distribute them strips soaked in tobacco essence perfume.

The associated messages, "Is this the smell you want people to remember from you?" "; “When you smoke, it's the smell you give off. Isn't it time to quit smoking? », Accompany very clearly the idea of ​​this approach and directly point the finger at self-esteem. Passers-by, disgusted by the smell of theirs after a cigarette, are thus led to question themselves and reflect on the image, or rather the smell they convey.

This original and innovative operation is proving to be a particularly effective way to raise awareness among the general public:


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