The advertising campaigns of McDonald's are always very original, regardless of the country. Today we are bringing you a McDonald's campaign in the United States for parents who want to please the kids by having a birthday party.

organize a birthday party for his child proves tiring for parents: children running around, food on the ground, incessant screams ...

But thanks to Mc Donald's, you will be able to please your little monsters without getting tired.


McDonald's promotes its children's birthday service

It is well known that the McDonald's is one of the leading brands for children. The famous fast food always knew make children happy and retain them.

If there's one thing parents dread the most, it's their children's birthday parties. Having to take care of ten little monsters, what a horror!

To promote his children's birthday service, McDonald's is launching a poster campaign in which children are represented in real scary little monsters. On the other hand, rather than turning your home into a battlefield, Mc Donald's advises you to call on them. They will take care of tiring them.


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