Need freshness in these periods of heat wave and hot weather? GET 27 has the solution! Since July 4 and until July 14, it is an invasion of ice cubes on the quays, a green and refreshing street and tastings of fresh cocktails based on GET 27 which have settled in Paris ... which for one daring streetmarketing campaign, no longer sees life in pink ... but in green!

Kilos and kilos of ice cubes for the aperitif!

After a first success in 2018, GET FRESH renews the challenge of bringing its freshness to the Parisian quays, and DON'T not only… From July 4 to 6, from 19 p.m. to 22 p.m. in Paris, à Lyon à Bordeaux, the quays were not so unpleasant as since GET 27 decided to extend the aperitif and leave time for tasting. 1,5 tonnes of ice cubes extended the evening of the French by the river, giving everyone time to enjoy their evening while enjoying the sunset.

But that's not all …

Careful wet paint !

From July 11 to 14, GET 27 offers Parisians a more than surprising experience! For a few days, exit the rue Crémieux, the Eiffel Tower and the usual tourist places ... The alcoholic drink of explosive color gives us an appointment at 8 bis rue de la Butte aux Cailles to enjoy the most remarkable street in the capital .

Day and night, the peaceful street in the 13th arrondissement will be completely transformed and covered with a specific green paint. A real thermal barrier, it even lowers the outside temperature from 7 to 9 degrees… Hard to believe? And yet, this technique is very real!


How about a cool cocktail at GET 27?

This cool stroll can end with a tasting of GET 27 on ice, on the terrace, while staying cool. For 3 days, 3 bars in the colors of GET 27 will indeed offer cocktails and a "so Fresh" experience !!!

There will also be various events in 12 Monoprix stores in France and 4 bar tables will adopt the GET spirit in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lille, and Nantes.

GET is a French story, but also and above all a story of freshness that only a brand as impertinent as GET has managed to bring us to life for years.

GET did not see things by halves at the start of summer to remember the good memories of the French during this hot and festive period. With an innovative campaign, the brand reminds the public of the minty taste of this drink, its freshness, as well as the colors and image of the brand, which does more than talk about itself by being directly felt by amused passers-by, taken aback ... but necessarily seduced by such a daring initiative! An ideal way to strengthen positioning and gain notoriety (why not on an international scale?). A refreshing French publicity stunt!

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