In London, on the occasion of the release of season 5 of the famous series Game of Thrones on DVD, the television channel SKY set up a funny street marketing operation: she decided to send a white walker in the streets of the city ...

Londoners terrified of a white walker straight out of GOT!

A Whitewalker stops traffic over London Bridge to celebrate the release of Game of Thrones Season 5 on Digital HD

The White Walkers are terrifying beings, demons of ice, who in Game of Thrones threaten other peoples. Imagine the astonishment of Londoners when they saw one of them walking around the center of the capital! More than 2m tall, white skin, and a spear in hand, passers-by could not miss it. Like a real tourist, he visited the whole of the British capital: he took the metro, he wandered through the busiest streets and he even went to Tower Bridge where he scared a few taxis! As for the Londoners, some were terrified, others were indifferent, but most of them were so happy to meet this terrible monster that they took selfies with him!

A simple and fun street marketing operation that has surprised passers-by and made Game of Thrones fans happy. A selfie with the most terrifying character of the series? They couldn't have asked for better.

A Game of Thrones Whitewalker is spotted on the streets of Central London to celebrate the release of the fifth season on Digital HD

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