March 26, 2013 - Offering everyone the possibility of creating their professional, family, student or association website for free, with or without an eBoutique, is Sopixi's desire.

For this, the Sopixi team has imagined a scenario worthy of the greatest films! From March 26 to April 15, 2013, “ Sopixi makes its cinema " and offers everyone to participate in a free competition.

The scenario

Just go to the site and create your free account Sopixi. Upon registration, a sponsorship code is sent to each participant. For people who already have an account, they just have to log in to get their code.

Then all you have to do is share the good plan and talk about Sopixi with others! If a person around them creates their own website and / or eBoutique in turn, the sponsor scores 1 point, two people, two points and so on.

Sopixi fits well in the era of web 3.0, which is that of the enhancement of its e-community.

The outcome

The winner ? It's very simple, he is the one who scores the most points after 3 weeks of competition. This person will be offered 2 UGC cinema cards 7/7.  


About Sopixi

Launched in September 2012, Sopixi is a platform allowing everyone, self-employed, VSE / SME or individuals, to create a website or an online store for free and easily. Sopixi is a brand ofELTEG SAS, a company created in April 2009 and managed by the co-founders Christophe Agnus and Rémi Poulet.

Considered one of the pioneers of online publishing, Christophe Agnus joined L'Express in 1988 as a major reporter and participated in the creation of L'Express Online, the first electronic version of the weekly. Clic d'Or 2000 and Grand Prix des Médias in 2001, it was also listed in 2000 by Liberation in the " 100 who make the Internet in France ". Rémi Poulet, meanwhile, was a research engineer at France Telecom before pursuing his career at Wanadoo. He joined the Mondadori group as technical director of digital activities. In 2009 he created, with Christophe Agnus, the company ELTEG SAS.

Carmen Momo, after a first part of her career in Italy with the Leo Burnett agency, arrived in Paris in 2009 where she joined the ELTEG SAS team. She is now director of Sopixi.

Since the launch of the Sopixi platform, more than 5 websites and nearly 000 eBoutiques have already been created. The company is based in Paris with offices in Bordeaux and Brest.


For more information :

Sopixi workforce: 8 people

Sopixi 2013 turnover forecast: 650 000 euros

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