Sodastream 2017 - "Who Are The Homoschlepiens?"

Sodastream launched a quirky anti-waste advertising spot last month. A humorous video which alerts on the overconsumption of plastic bottles.

Modes of consumption that come from prehistoric times

In its new campaign “Who are the Homo Schlepiens?”, Sodastream features the actors of the series Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory) and Kristian Nairn (Game of Thrones). In a future where plastic is banned, an anthropologist studies the behavior of the last men addicted to plastic bottles. Exhibited in a Museum of Non-Natural History, the last Homo Schlepiens (from the verb to schlep: to lug around) then arouse incomprehension. Their way of life seems particularly unthinkable and absurd to museum visitors.

Behind a light tone, the brand encourages reflection on the environmental danger posed by disposable plastic bottles. The spot indeed draws a parallel between our current lifestyles and prehistory. He suggests that our behaviors are archaic because they don't care about the environmental impact. It makes fun of both primitive and outdated consumer habits and competing brands. We can thus recognize a Coca-Cola bottle that spurts out in the face of Homo Schlepiens. Sodastream does not hesitate to criticize Coca-Cola, and in particular its latest “Love Story” campaign in favor of recycling. For Sodastream, it is not enough to encourage consumers to recycle more. They must be encouraged to change their consumption patterns. Reducing plastic consumption is an environmental issue, at a time when the oceans and landfills are invaded by them.

A brand committed to the environment

Sodastream has been committed to the environment since its creation. In France, more than seven billion plastic bottles purchased each year are not recycled. Although protecting the environment is a priority topic, it is also a key selling point for the brand. Manufacturer and distributor of sparkling water machines, Sodastream is today the world number one in the market.

Note also that this is not the first offbeat advertising campaign of Sodastream. Already in 2016, the brand parodied the Walk of Shame of Game of Thrones in his spot "Shame or Glory". A young man then underwent the Walk of Shame after buying plastic water bottles instead of carbonating them directly at his home.

Sodastream has also created an interactive website that allows users to discover the universe of Homo Schlepiens and a more sustainable way of consumption.

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