The YouTube channel From idea to market in two minutes™, created and hosted by Christophe Chaptal de Chanteloup, deciphers in a concise, fun and energetic way, the history of flagship products, from their birth to their launch on the market, which have built emblematic brands.

With his in-depth knowledge of brands, his eloquence, and always with a touch of humor, the expert in brand and business strategy tells the story of French and international products that have become essentials in our everyday life, and gives pride of place to the emotion they provide.

This independent channel pursues a goal of entertainment and education: to understand what makes the success of an offer by addressing the aspects of strategy, marketing, design and communication.

What is the genesis of the Stan Smith sneaker, the Yop drinkable yogurt, the Instagram social network or the Eastpak backpack? And how did they meet the success we know them?

Go quickly to From Idea to Market in Two Minutes ™, and everyday products will hold no secrets for you!

And because there is no shortage of successful brands, the channel will be fed new videos every month!

Written and presented by Christophe Chaptal de Chanteloup (

Based on an idea by Isabelle Macquart (

Directed by Jacques Giral (


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