, is an online platform which claims 370 consultants and experts. The company is present in Germany, England, Morocco, Singapore, Switzerland and France. Today, acquires Coworkees, an online platform specializing in the referencing of freelancers in marketing and communication. Come and discover this enriching interview with and get started!

Could you define in a few words?

“We help large companies manage their ecosystem of consultants and experts working in transformation consulting, digital, digital marketing and communication, innovation, training ... relies on the largest community of Change Makers in Europe, namely more than 370k freelances and experts working in pure player SMEs.

We are the leading player in this market with a proforma turnover of € 375 million in 2020 and more than 150 key account clients. "


What are the different opportunities offered by

“As the group is a pioneer in the intermediation market between companies and external talents, a multitude of services have been developed over the years, in collaboration with our clients. Today, we offer a range of services ranging from sourcing expertise to managing subcontractors, including project monitoring, wage portage solutions, training, community facilitation. "


What is the message conveyed by the platform?

“Today, the best experts, the change makers, work as freelancers or in hyperspecialized SMEs. We allow companies to access and work well with this formidable pool of talent. "


Could you define Coworkees in a few words?

“Coworkees has developed an innovative model dedicated to the Marketing and Communication departments of companies. In response to their content creation projects, redesign or creation of website and mobile app, or for their advertising campaigns, Coworkees offers independent talents or freelance collectives, and manages the entire contractual relationship of briefing. and sourcing for project monitoring.

Its value proposition:

  • A community of 50 independent experts in the communication and marketing professions (graphic designers, UX Designers, videographers, web designers, web editors, social media managers, community managers, and many others!) In France and Switzerland.
  • Profiles preselected by a dedicated team which sources and qualifies the best talents in record time according to the clients' brief and criteria (skills / soft skills).
  • An innovative matchmaking and project monitoring platform which brings together all the freelancers and which allows the autonomy of future external collaborators to be selected and the projects or time worked each month by freelancers to be monitored. "


Why did you buy coworkees?

“The complementarity between and Coworkees is obvious.

On the one hand, Coworkees will provide the group with know-how in the Marketing and Communication professions, by relying on its community of freelancers and its digital platform, and on the other hand, the group will provide Coworkees a commercial strike force.

By integrating Coworkees, will be able to tackle the communication agency market, in the same way that it was able to disrupt the ESN market. "


What are the strengths of coworkees?

“Several points differentiate Coworkees from other platforms.

First of all, customer support, with a 98% customer satisfaction rate. This satisfaction is linked to the phygital model of the company, which is based on a matchmaking technique coupled with the know-how of experienced recruiters.

Finally, the attention paid to independents who are pampered. For example, the strengthened animation of the community, through monthly meetings "Freelance Cafés" and other events allowing freelancers to develop their network and to improve skills. "


What new aid can you offer to businesses today?

"By associating the coworkers community with the community of freelance experts in marketing and communication already present on, the Group offers its large account clients access to more than 50 experts in hyperspecialized communication professions and thus becomes the greater strength of expertise in this sector.

We can support them on all of their communication projects, and set up multi-expert project teams for them. "


What are the new aids that you can offer to “talents” today?

“The group is listed with more than 150 major accounts. The development potential in marketing & communication expertise is therefore significant. We also have a very strong expertise in the salary portage of freelancers in this type of profession, which can be a compensation solution for an assignment spanning several weeks or months, including a fixed-price assignment. "


Are you considering any new features for the site?

“Sure, but it's too early to talk about it. To follow the evolutions of the group's platforms, it is best to connect. "


What are the points of improvement to be worked on for the project?

“We are used to integrating teams and new structures, to transform ourselves to grow our offer. Our signature “we are all change makers” applies to our customers as well as to our partners or to ourselves. "


What are your ambitions for the future?

“We want to make communication more agile and accessible!

What we offer is an alternative and complementary solution to the service and consulting offer of traditional agencies and in particular large communication groups. We offer large advertisers more highly qualified expertise, but also more proximity and agility. Our clients' internal teams want to be able to work hand in hand with techs or creatives, to optimize their operational communication or their presence on social networks. "


So ? What are you waiting for? "We are all change makers"

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