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Launched in 2009, FRANSAT offers its 2 million customers, mainly located in “white or gray areas” (rural or peri-urban areas), an access service to satellite television. Today, the brand asserts itself as a complete satellite television package. With 25 free TNT HD channels without subscription and pay-per-view packs (cinema, music, sport, family) without obligation, it allows its customers to enjoy a variety of TV programs, according to their desires. To translate this new direction and embody it, FRANSAT launched a competition on its identity at the end of which Seenk was selected. Renewed confidence in the creation of the “Go to HD” advertising campaign and the design of the site

A modernized brand identity

This new visual identity, created by SEENK, enhances the FRANSAT experience around the notions of freedom, accessibility, proximity and pleasure. Rounded and colorful, with lowercase typography, it modernly reinterprets the brand's original symbol: the parabola. The brand thus passes from an institutional identity to a real BtoC territory. This work is accompanied by a global reflection on the visual architecture of the offer (thematic packs, interactive services, ultra HD channel…) and the FRANSAT graphic universe (typography, color palettes…). An identity today applied on a set of media intended for FRANSAT customers (decoder pack, private and professional card, etc.).

A 100% HD 100% freedom communication campaign

On the occasion of the national switch to full HD DTT on April 5, 2016, Seenk designed an advertising campaign on TV, specialized TV press and points of sale with a strong signature, capitalizing on the strengths of the FRANSAT offer: “a 100% HD TV, 100% freedom ”. On TV, the 20-second spot broadcast from November 21 on France Télévisions and BFM echoes the campaign of the Agence Nationale des Fréquences (ANFR). In a nod to the audiovisual world, the voice of actor dubbing Bruce Willis was chosen for the occasion. In points of sale (distribution networks for electronic products and household appliances), the campaign is displayed on POS media: brochure, totems, window displays, etc.

A new 100% responsive website

Seenk created the website, fully responsive, with the collaboration of the Evolutive Group agency. This site sports the new identity of the brand and prepares the transition from DTT by satellite to HD. Nearly one million FRANSAT users affected by this full HD migration can thus easily access clear information on this subject. With a neat design, this site has the particularity of associating in a transparent way, a WordPress platform for the editorial pages and a Prestashop platform for the e-commerce part to come. The site will be updated regularly until April 2016. With FRANSAT, Seenk confirms its ability to support its customers in a global way in branding, communication and digital strategy.

About Seenk

Seenk supports companies and organizations in the development of their activities. Positioning, brand territory, customer or user experience, for 15 years we have been bringing our concepts to life through three inseparable expertise: communication, digital and design.

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