Freedent®, a famous brand of chewing gum, presents its new advertising campaign full of optimism and freshness. Lionel Trapet, Marketing Director of Mars Wrigley answers our questions to help you find your MOJO, a moment of relaxation guaranteed!

Freedent chewing gum sales® have they been greatly impacted by the health crisis?

The health crisis has significantly impacted the gum category. Its value sales contracted by 19% in 2020. In this context, Mars Wrigley remains the market share leader with its Freedent® and Airwaves® brands since 2017 (Nielsen Total GMS France PDM total unit FY).

As a major historical player in gum, we are convinced that we have the knowledge, the expertise and the resources to transform the category for a sustainable boost to growth. Our recovery strategy is based on 3 pillars:

  • Accessibility (notably via visibility of our products in store and in particular around the fronts of the cash register, enhanced visibility on D-com, and strengthening of the price accessibility of our products to recruit new consumers)
  • Make Gum Cool Again (especially with Gen Z, by investing in new communication channels, such as dating and gaming).
  • Responsibility (by strengthening our communication relating to the oral benefits of gum and by amplifying the deployment of responsible packaging).


What do you think is the main reason for the drop in sales?

The reasons for consuming chewing gum are intimately linked to our social interactions. However, confinement and social distancing have reduced the desire and the need for fresh breath.

Consumers have also changed the way they shop. They have shown themselves to be more anxious and less available for the rubber present in front of the cash register and many are those who have favored automatic checkouts or who have ordered on the drive, where the rubber supply is less present.


What is the "MOJO"?

MOJO is that spark of joy and optimism that is present in each of us. By inviting the French to rediscover their MOJO, we remain faithful to what characterizes Freedent®: bringing people a little freshness, smiles and confidence in themselves and in the future.


Have Customers Really Lost "THE MOJO" to COVID.19?

French morale took a hit during the health crisis. Whether related to isolation or stress, negative emotions were felt and it is part of our role as a brand, to offer a positive and confident speech to better bounce back.


How would you define the We're back advertising campaign?

Emotional, funny and positive.

She is very emotional because she is based on a deep desire to find a normal life.

Funny, insofar as Freedent® depicts a fantasized and humorous projection of everyone's state of mind at the idea of ​​being able to return to a normal life in the weeks to come.

Positive, because the whole stake in this campaign is to make the French smile again, as well as confidence in themselves and in the future.


Is there an important message that you would like to convey through this campaign?

This campaign, in the image of the Freedent brand, reminds us of the importance and the pleasure provided by our social interactions. These simple pleasures in the daily life of each of us, which seemed to be acquired before 2020, but whose value has taken on a whole new meaning since the pandemic and its impact on our human and social relations. With this campaign, and as we begin to return to a normal life, we want to encourage the French to regain their self-confidence and enjoy 2021.


How could this 60-second video make potential customers smile?

The Freedent® campaign captures the general feeling of elation in a deliberately exaggerated way. We wanted it to be imbued with lightness and joie de vivre, so that it infuses its audience with all the positive energy it has found and it is in this sense that I hope it will give rise to many smiles.


Have you already felt the expected effects of this campaign?

We had a lot of positive feedback around the campaign, especially on social media. In just 3 weeks, the campaign has already reached 3 million views on Youtube and 4,4 million views on Facebook, where we also know that 1 in 2 people watched the ad to the end. This is the first time that we have achieved this level of performance, these initial results are very encouraging and, we hope, will help to revitalize the rubber category. These encouraging returns confirm our commitment to wanting to encourage consumers to reconnect.

So ? Ready to reconnect?

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