The search engine, Google launches a new feature called "Find my faceWhich should save time when identifying our photos manually.



The concept: A facial recognition system that automatically and quickly identifies members' friends.

matt steiner, the Google engineer, explains on the group's blog, that this application could encourage members who know us to identify us when our face appears in a photo. In addition, it adds that it is possible to control the tags generated by accepting or rejecting them.

However, this feature is only an option for now, as the brand wants to prevent its members from perceiving it as an intrusive feature.

Since, Facebook launched the facial recognition feature, it suffered bad reviews from its users and the German CNIL. This allowed Google to learn from it and to model this application differently!

Similar features can be found in competitors of Google+, nevertheless these are more thoughtful and above all preserve the privacy of its members. A condition that has become essential nowadays, because more and more personal data is disclosed on the internet.

Whether this feature will be used remains to be seen.


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