The last episode of the huge Oasis saga has finally arrived! It's the return of the papaya effect with the fourth and final episode: "The Juice Day".

"Juice day": the final of the papaya effect




Following the first episode La Cocoloc, of the second, the Baybysitter, from the third: La Fashpomme Victime, Agence Marcel et Oasis launches the final opus of the series: Le jour Jus!

With more than 7 million views on YouTube today, Oasis has become the platform's first “brand” channel, thanks to these 100 subscribers.

A real successful series, thanks to its diversions from the French language.

Last episode of the series: "The Juice Day", ends in beauty a completely mastered and creative saga. A breath of fresh air for each viewer.

Our favorite heroes will have done everything: fashion week, the end of the world, Apollo… So what about this last episode?


Where is the love story between Ramon Tafraise and Frambourgeoise? You dreamed of it; Oasis did it: they will say yes! Well almost ... A day like no other is shaping up ...

To find out if our two friends have managed to say yes:

Find now on YouTube the grand finale of the papaya effect


React now on the hashtag: # EFFETPAPAYON

Source: Oasis be fruit

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