Netflix is ​​inspired by Snapchat to allow its fans to exchange their faces with that of their favorite hero from the Netflix series.

Do a #NetflixSwap with your heroes


Netflix launches a new advertising campaign in partnership, for the first time, with Snapchat. The print and social-media advertising campaign was carried out by the creative agency Darewin, in Paris. Inspired by "faceswappingSnapchat widely appreciated by users, Netflix launches the “Netflix Swap”Which is also very successful on social networks. The "faceswapIs to exchange faces between two people on the same photo or video.

On Twitter, the streaming series platform launches the #NetflixSwap, cited thousands of times by users in their photos taken with their favorite serial characters. A campaign that is a great success, deserved, since the brand has not made an official launch. For its print campaign, Netflix has installed numerous posters in the streets of Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Montpellier on 22th April latest. Passers-by can now exchange their faces with the most emblematic characters from the Narcos, Orange is the New Black, Marseille, Daredevil or even the famous House of Cards series. Take on the appearance of any hero from the Netflix series.

A very good marketing operation that will continue to be talked about on social networks. A big publicity stunt for Netflix since Snapchat is the most famous social network in the world at the moment with more than 200 million active users.


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