The rumors launched a few months ago in the Financial Times are confirmed, Facebook is developing a corporate social network.

A professional version of the social network

The information and the first screenshots were revealed by the English newspaper Techcrunch.

Facebook, which has been using the professional variant internally for several years, launched the project in an experimental version since yesterday.

Only a few privileged companies that work upstream with the social network can try Facebook at work. Little information has been disclosed on these companies, we only know that they are located in several countries.

The professional version would be modeled on the one we know, but it would have specific features.

Users will be able to use dialogue tools within the company, but also share files with other companies. As this is a professional version, each company will have control over the information exchanged between employees.

Certain gray areas have not been addressed such as the operating model (by subscription or via advertising ...) of facebook at work.

The social network in direct competition with other corporate social networks such as LinkedIn or Viadeo will be, like “classic” Facebook, available as an iOS and Android application.


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