After presenting its new project, “Facebook Home”, the Palo Alto firm is accompanying it with two advertising films. Facebook does not choose its camp and thus offers us two completely different spots.

Something to make you (even) more addicted

Reminder stitching: Mark Zuckerberg's latest innovation seeks to simplify our use and mobile access to the famous social network. Thus, this last application includes your Facebook account, so your friends and their news at the home interface of your phone.

Available on Android on April 12, its launch is accompanied by two commercials.

Two designs by Wieden + Kenedy

On the one hand, a contemplative film, which plays on proximity and human interactions. Close-ups of hands touching, smiles on their faces, moments of complicity.

In short, Facebook wants to be poetic and wants to bring us closer, but why - damn it - don't they drop their phones to really find each other?

On the other hand, a “humorous” spot in the skin of a passenger on a plane - when it leaves, there is no question of causing an air disaster.

This second film works better, since it plays on distance with loved ones, the feeling of lack, and thanks to "Facebook Home", he can experience these moments of happiness and travel with his mind free from all lamentations. An emphasis on more "useful" - and healthy use? - from Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg wishes with “Facebook Home”, to become more and more part of our daily life. Successful bet ? Answers in the coming weeks.



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