To stand out from the competition in a market that is struggling to renew itself, nothing better than to innovate. And this, the Danone Eaux France group has understood. Innovation in the format, in the packaging, in the way of consuming, Evian is launching the “Goutte d'eau”, only available in Paris, Geneva and London this summer.

A drop of water in the heat of summer

Evian has just unveiled its mini 20 centilitre bottle in a super light format, without label or cap. The brand plays the card of transparency on its packaging, the aim of which is to be recycled immediately after consumption. Indeed, the Pilot brand has signed a partnership with Evian so that recycling at each point of sale can be used to transform these empty “Drops” into pens.

However, it is useless to look for this bottle in the supermarket shelves, “Goutte d'Evian” will not be marketed in the traditional way. Exclusively available in Paris, London and Geneva by this summer, it will be available in the street through street sales using trolleys, but also in spas, in certain boutiques and other kiosks.


In the case of itinerant sales, the brand plays the card of connectivity. Indeed, thanks to the hashtag #evianjaisoif, the various nomadic points of sale will be indicated to you on your smartphone.

Evian has become a master of marketing in the water market in France and its “Goutte” will surely appeal to many city dwellers during the summer, despite its high price of € 1. By the end of the year, the brand aims to reach one million consumers in France. At the same time as this launch, the Danone Eaux France group is launching a campaign created by the BETC agency entitled “The Eaux-rigines campaign”. Playing the transparency card for the consumer, this operation aims to reassure the latter about the 100% natural origin of the water.

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