Europe 1 calls on Chuk Norris to promote Cyril Hannouna's program: "Les Pieds dans Le Plat"

Chuck Norris "has the answer to everything"

In order to stimulate audiences for Cyril Hannouna's show (broadcast from 16 p.m. to 18 p.m.), Europe 30 today launched an advertising campaign with Chuck Norris as the main character.

Famous among older people for his roles in film and television (as in the Walker Texas Ranger series), the actor is also known among younger people, for “ Chuck Norris Facts" page (in French).

The little short sentences about his exploits imagined by Internet users have extended his notoriety to a very large and heterogeneous audience.

The humorous spot produced by Stéphane Marelli for R-Lines Productions therefore aims to reach young and old alike thanks to this atypical character, known to young and old.

The campaign with Chuck Norris is broken down into 4 similar advertising films, which offer four different endings, including one where we can see the actor doing the shoulder dance alongside Cyrille Hannouna.

The spot will be shown on television and in theaters from today.

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