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The Higher School of Banking (ESBanque) was created at the beginning of the month from the merger between CFPB and CFA Banks. This organization, which offers numerous training courses in the banking sector, therefore had to forge a visual identity. Logo, signature, website : everything has been redesigned. Michel Piano, its CEO, explains the strategy adopted for this merger.

ESBanque: two entities in one

The CFPB like the CFA have a reputation and expertise recognized throughout the territory. So by merging them, ESBanque recovers the strengths of each. This is what the organization is trying to translate into its new visual identity.

On the one hand there is therefore the CFPB (Training center for the banking profession). This mainly offers continuous training and for professionals wanting to deepen their knowledge. The CFPB belongs to a niche sector with a very financial anchorage which gives it an image of base and solidity.

On the other side there are the CFA (Apprentice training center) who train people on a work-study basis. These centers are much more public, in particular because they are located in the regions. Their image refers mainly to support for young people and their professional development.

ESBanque Higher School of Banking

The ESBanque logo therefore incorporates both aspects of these entities. The vertical bars remind solidity of the CFPB and the ascending line translates evolution CFA apprentices. The shape of the graph obviously refers to the banking sector.

A more modern identity adapted to the customer

For Michel Piano, this new visual is "Light and aesthetic". It is like the merger whose main goal is to simplify the organization of centers. With this new system, the accounting and financial aspect of former CFAs is entirely ensured by the Parisian pole. They can therefore concentrate fully on pedagogy. Everything is simpler, lighter. This is also why the signature is "CFPB Expertise", it proves that their management know-how remains intact.

Regarding the name of the new structure, Michel Piano tells us that he wanted something meaningful, which is why they chose “School”. Indeed, acronyms like CF are often unknown to the general public, "They are too vague and outdated". So it's in a spirit modernity and accessibility to a large audience that they have opted for this name.

For now, the CEO assures us that their new identity is well received. But he gives himself 1 year to see the results on the reputation of the organization. Feedback from their partners and customers is important for him. ESBanque thus wants to open up and be close to its customers. For this, the logo was not only entrusted to an agency but was then shown to prospects and experts so that the result is guaranteed.

The world of finance very affected by the health crisis

Although new identity is often synonymous with new goals, the coronavirus crisis complicates matters. "The future is very uncertain so we have not made any predictions". Faced with the context, ESBanque prefers not to speculate on the repercussions and especially believes that it can count on the continuity of their activities.

It turns out that they were not completely shut down during confinement. All online training worked very well, so much so that Michel Piano considers them THE sector of the future, both for health issues and for the new pedagogy they make possible.

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